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Relationships (romantic and otherwise) can be challenging! Relationships can be a source of struggle, but that doesn’t have to be the case.

Relationships can also bring great happiness and vitality when we properly nurture them. However, many of us feel clueless when it comes to knowing how to bring about positive change once a tie has become strained.

From what I’ve found, Attachment Theory provides incredibly useful information on how our early attachment to our primary caretakers effects our style of relating as adults.

Attachment impacts:
• Dating relationships
• Committed relationships
• Friendships
• Family relationships
• Relationships at work

Learning your attachment style can be key to shifting your relationships.

If you are dating…

You can use Attachment Theory to make better choices about who you date. You’ll begin to know quickly if the relationship is worth pursuing. You won’t waste valuable time chasing people who aren’t right for you, and you won’t be devastated if someone isn’t interested in you. Overall, you will become more confident through the entire dating process.

If you are in a committed partnership…

You will learn how to attune to your physiology and stay present with your partner, even in times of conflict. Once you learn the best self-soothing strategies for your attachment style, you will be able to use them for yourself and share them with your partner. This will allow you to both to be less reactive and become more responsive to each other’s needs.

Together, you and your partner can learn how to truly care for each other.

Relationships in general…

If it’s relationships with family and friends that you are looking to change, Attachment Theory can help you too! It’s wonderful for gaining perspective on old patterns and learning how to relate in new and affirming ways.

Whether you are in a committed partnership, dating, or wanting to repair a relationship with a family member or friend, you will learn how to have the relationships you desire.

Reclaiming your relationship with yourself…

First and foremost, you must attend to the relationship you have with yourself. You can learn to step into your personal power, set clear boundaries, have healthy expectations, and thrive with others.

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