Mindfulness Mastery


Are you curious what this whole “mindfulness” thing is all about? If you have ever wanted to learn more about mindfulness or meditation, this work is for you.

Why practice mindfulness?

Here are the benefits:

  • Less stress (who doesn’t want that?!)
  • More enjoyment of life
  • Clear values and goals
  • More self-acceptance and greater self-esteem
  • Better relationships with others
  • Greater workplace performance and satisfaction
  • Help with addictions and compulsions
How it works

I combine components from yoga psychology and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to make mindfulness accessible to people of all backgrounds. Mindfulness is not just about meditation. It is about living life with awareness and intention.

It's about paying attention to inner sensations, thoughts, and feelings without judgement.

In order to live a mindful life, you must be clear on your values. If you don’t know what your real values are, then how can you live by them?

Together, we’ll get clear on your values. We will use these values to set goals that are meaningful to you. Then, we will use mindfulness strategies to help you achieve these goals day by day.

You’ll get:

  • Values assessments and worksheets
  • Simple steps to develop your own mindfulness practice at home
  • Guided meditations together in session
  • Easy-to-implement exercises for balancing your nervous system

No matter who you are, it is possible to learn how to live more fully in the present moment and experience contentment.

Mindfulness in Business

If you are an entrepreneur, leader, or ambitious professional, mindfulness can benefit you too!

Mindfulness has been shown to:

  • Cultivate resilience (AKA the ability to bounce back quickly in the face of stress, pressure, and setbacks -- this is a HUGE benefit)
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve one's ability to focus

More leading organizations are now teaching and using mindfulness in the workplace, for all the reasons stated above. It is not just a passing trend or fad. Instead, mindfulness provides you with a valuable set of tools that can greatly enhance you personal AND professional life.

Sound too good to be true? If you are unsure if mindfulness can work for you, I am happy to help. I offer a FREE 15-minute phone consultation. Schedule now.

Or -- maybe you are 100% sure that you would like to sharpen your mindfulness skills and develop mindfulness mastery. In that case, what are you waiting for?! I can't wait to hear from you. Contact me now.

Get Your Free Guide!

I created a step-by-step guide, called 10 Mindful Strategies for Everyday Life, in order to introduce the concepts of mindfulness in a tangible way. You'll get practical exercises you can do anytime, anywhere, that are designed to help you bring mindfulness more fully into your daily routine. 


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