Individual Therapy

Individual therapy, or psychotherapy, is meant to help people overcome life’s challenges.

It does not have to imply that there is anything wrong with you if you are seeking therapy. Plenty of healthy people get therapy when they are dealing with overall stress or encountering difficulty with a particular issue.

In my practice, I utilize evidence-based psychotherapy techniques, including:

  • Mindfulness
  • Guided meditation
  • Somatic/Body awareness exercises
  • Yoga
  • Hypnotherapy

All of these interventions are designed to awaken your innate clarity, insight, and potential for healing.

You will gain:

  • A deeper understanding of yourself
  • Concrete tools for navigating anxiety, depression, and big emotions
  • Practical skills for developing emotional balance and resiliency

I support individuals in:

  • Overcoming Anxiety
  • Moving through Depression
  • Life transitions
  • Building Confidence and Self Esteem
  • Enhancing personal and romantic relationships
  • Healing from Trauma
  • Overcoming weight and body image issues
There are many life events that can trigger an emotional crisis.

If not resolved, these issues can transform into a sort of emotional blockage that negatively impacts our daily life. These issues can create issues in the relationships, professional life, and health.

Together, we will address the root of the problem and discover what is needed for you to begin living your best life.

What to expect from psychotherapy

You can expect that I will create a unique approach, designed to address your unique concerns. I will also strive to create a safe and non-judgmental atmosphere, where you can be yourself and bring your real problems.

You can expect our sessions to be engaging and insightful (even fun at times!). I am always working hard to stay up to date with the latest in cutting-edge psychotherapy. I aim to provide you with new tools that you may not get anywhere else.

I am always checking in to see how these tools are working for YOU. It is not a one-size-fits-all approach.

Learn More

You can learn more about yoga in therapy, mindfulness, and hypnotherapy by exploring my site, or check out the blog for free exercises, tools, and tips.

You can also get a sense of my therapeutic style by watching the videos on my YouTube Channel.

Questions? Please don’t hesitate to reach out. I offer a FREE 15-minute phone consultation, so you can see if my approach is a good fit for you.


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